Hey guys! I hope you are doing great and welcome to my blog!

I am Fábio Silva, 24 from Portugal. I was born in Santa Maria da Feira but currently based in Espinho and working in Porto. In 2015 I finished my degree in Marketing, since then I am trying to combine my job with my travels.

As most of the people in this world I am passionate for traveling and discovering new places (if unexplored better) and some time ago, I decided to write about it when time allows it! This is the purpose of my blog and videos, sharing with you the best traveling content.

Already visited some of the European countries- Spain, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic, Andorra and Poland – and hoping to visit much more soon.
As Portuguese, I believe that my country has awesome places to visit. So before my big journey (around the world) I will focus to visit as much as I can the inside of Portugal and share with you some great tips.  I want to challenge you to come and visit Portugal and share with me your destinations.

If you have comments or suggestions please contact me by email – contact@hiswayaround.com. I’ll be delighted to talk with you.

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